The Mission Statement

of The Apostolate for Family Consecration | Grow Together

Life is a journey. Not of miles, but of growth. And it’s those earliest of steps, while being formed within the family, that make all the difference, where parents have the deepest of responsibilities to pass on the faith.

The Apostolate For Family Consecration has made a promise to support families in this journey, by supporting parents in their indispensable role.

Parents, it is our mission to support you in your mission.




Our new website is where you can learn about AFC events, use our faith tools, follow the AFC Today blog, donate, and more....

AFC Events 

AFC Events provide an immersive experience of faith, family and fun! Geared for families of all ages, time away at an AFC Event will support you and your family’s connection with God and one another. - Coming Soon!

The NEW interactive, multimedia family catechism web application will be available later this year. It will be available in multiple languages to support you and your family as you discover the richness of our Catholic Faith.