Divine Mercy

  1. Celebrating Divine Mercy DVD

    Day of Grace: Celebrating Divine Mercy is a complete program based on the approved revelations which St. Faustina received from Our Lord regarding His merciful love. This devotion was close to the heart of our beloved John Paul II, who pronounced the first Sunday after Easter ... Learn More
  2. Chaplet of Divine Mercy

    Starting at: $6.50

    This DVD/CD set features 4 pray-along chaplets.  DVD includes in each chaplet picture meditations of the Way of the Cross, following our Lord’s Passion and Death. Perfect complement to your personal or group prayer.  Can also be used in a classroom setting, ... Learn More

  3. Drawing Down Divine Mercy Commentaries

    Starting at: $9.95

    Drawing Down Divine Mercy is a response to Pope John Paul II’s statements that "we have a greater need than ever for regenerating an experience of mercy" (April 10, 1994, Mercy Sunday)... a need "to personally experience this mercy in order to be merciful and forgive - and... Learn More

  4. Our Mission is Mercy DVD


    The "Be Not Afraid Family Hours" are more then just a holy hour. Each Family Hour video beautifully combines devotion and catechism. While you are praying you are also learning more about the Catechism and other spiritual topics along with hearing inspirational messages fro... Learn More

  5. Drawing Down Divine Mercy Prayer and Meditation Book

    Drawing Down Divine Mercy prayer and meditation book is a complete presentation on the richness of the Divine Mercy devotion. It features excerpts taken from Pope John Paul II’s encyclical, “Rich in Mercy”, and St. Faustina’s writings, arranged into 40 daily meditations. It al... Learn More
  6. Examination of Conscience DVD


    Be awakened to the reality of sin and how it has been the cause of unhappiness and lack of peace in your life. You will be guided through different examinations of conscience to help you see where you may have failed to respond to God's faithful love for you. This DVD conta... Learn More

  7. Way of the Cross booklet

    The "Way of the Cross with Reflections on Divine Mercy" pocket size booklet provides a prayer format for each station which includes a touching reflection, a meditative image, a verse from the Stabat Mater and prayer excerpts from the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Learn More
  8. Divine Mercy Pamphlet

    This pamphlet summarizes all you need to know about the Divine Mercy image and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, along with excerpts from St. Faustina's diary on the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Learn More
  9. Divine Mercy No Escape, DVD

    This is the moving story of St. Faustina, a young Polish nun chosen by God to share His message of mercy with the whole world. Filmed in Poland, the Vatican, Germany, and the United States. Narrated by Broadway and screen legend Helen Hayes. The screenplay was written and deve... Learn More
  10. Divine Mercy Message & Devotion

    "This booklet presents the message of the Divine Mercy and the special forms of devotion to the Divine Mercy that are outlined in the Diary of Blessed Faustina Kowalska. First published in 1981, the booklet has undergone several revisions over the years, including slight chang... Learn More