Holy Family Fest: July 13-19, 2019

Grow in Holiness, Grow in Truth, and Grow Together at a 2019 Holy Family Fest.

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  1. Registration Package: 7/13-7/19

    Starting at $159.00

    To begin registering for the July 13-19 Holy Family Fest, choose the best registration package to suit your needs. After adding the registration package to your cart, you will need to add individual registrations to your cart for each person that will be joining you at the ... Learn More

  2. Individual Info: 7/13-7/19

    Starting at $0.00
    Complete the options below for each individual attending the July 13-19 Holy Family Fest. When registering a family, immediate family (husband, wife, and children) are included free of charge. All extended and non-family have an additional registration cost. Learn More
  3. Lodging: 7/13-7/19

    Starting at $0.00
    Complete the options below to select an available lodging unit for your family! (Maps are located at the bottom of the page) Learn More