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Quick Overview:

Apostolate for Family Consecration Presents: the all new Be Not Afraid Family Hour.  The easiest way to do family faith formation every month.  With educational content from top Catholic Speakers, and inspirational stories from real Catholic Families. And, the all new video meditative rosary.  And with practical challenges, to create lasting habits, its a beautiful way to grow in holiness, grow in truth and grow together.

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EPISODE 11 talks about the following:


MAIN TEACHING SEGMENT:  How are you abiding in Mercy? Join Courtney Desmond as she takes us to understand in what way and what capacity we can fully live mercy in our lives.


SUPPORTING EDUCATIONAL SEGMENT:  Br. James – inspires and reminds us through his story how God molds us and acts through us in our ability to do the very thing we cannot do.


MAIN INTERVIEW: Beau Palmer, father of 4 beautiful children, shares his approach to single parenting as a gift and challenge from God. His story takes us to understand the challenges and treasures of single parenting.


SERVICE SEGMENT:  Features, Joel Downes member of a men's ministry who helps young guys with purity, identity and finding who they are in Christ and to live that our fully.